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    Looking for a personal and contemporary urn pet ashes to preserve a symbolic amount of your beloved pet’s ashes? There is a wide range of special urn for ashes. So you can always find a suitable pet ashes urn. You can go for an urn cat, urn dog but also for an urn rabbit. So you can pick something that reminds you of your pet or matches the interior. In addition, the urns are also available in a variety of colors. This allows you to put together an urn that perfectly suits you and your beloved pet. The urns pet ashes are characterized by simplicity, contemporary, unique and handmade.

    Couldn’t find a suitable urn pet ashes in the urn webshop?

    Couldn’t find a suitable urn pet ashes in the webshop or are you looking for a specific urn? Lalief can help you with a personalized, custom ceramic urn. I believe it is important for everyone to have an appropriate urn for their home as a beautiful memory of their beloved pet.

    Together we will discuss the requirements and start shaping the perfect ceramic urn, completely free of obligation. Only when you are completely satisfied and it matches what you have in mind do I start working on the urn. You can read more about designing your own urn here.

    All urns from the urn store are unique and made with love

    The whole process of forming, drying, firing, glazing and firing again takes an average of 3 weeks. All ceramic urns for humans and animals are made with love and attention. Each urn goes through my hands several times before it appears as an pet ashes urn in the web shop. As a result, no one urn is the same, which makes each one unique.


    Leftover clay and glazes are reused, so nothing goes to waste. Firing the furnace, of course, takes a lot of energy. The solar panels on the barn roof generate power for my oven and studio. I also make sure that the packaging of my ceramic urns is recyclable as much as possible.

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