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    Looking for a comfort gift, especially for your loved one? At Lalief, you’ll find a variety of gifts. As a comfort, support, or a hug at different times. For example, think of the bereaved with a comfort gift on death, the anniversary of death, anniversaries, or any other difficult time. For example, you can choose the consolation gift dry flowers, amber cube with dish, as well as a consolation package rainbow. All gifts are lovingly packaged and can be sent directly to the recipient. Will you leave a personal message for the recipient with your order? Then I will copy these onto a handwritten card.

    Comfort gift service!

    Is your order a comfort gift for someone else? It is possible to send the gifts directly to the recipient. For the billing address, enter your own address and for the delivery address, enter the recipient’s address. If you fill in a personal text, I will overwrite it on the card of the comfort when grieving. The invoice is sent by email, so it never reaches the recipient. Is the package for a special date? If so, please put in comments the date on which this package may be opened. Then I write this on the outside of the package. All packages are carefully and lovingly packed and shipped.


    All comfort gift consist in part of ceramics, all ceramics are unique and handmade. The whole process of forming, drying, firing, glazing and firing again takes an average of 3 weeks. All ceramics for comfort gifts are made with love and attention. All ceramics go through my hands several times before they are listed in the store. Because all the ceramics for the comfort gifts go through my hands several times, the gifts are never exactly the same, which makes each one unique.


    Leftover clay and glazes are reused, so nothing goes to waste. Firing the furnace, of course, takes a lot of energy. The solar panels on the barn roof generate power for my oven and studio. I also make sure that the packaging of my ceramics is recyclable as much as possible.

    I also try to work with local entrepreneurs as much as possible. For example, the tea comes from De Pelikaan and the handmade soap from WatSopp in Zutphen. Less than 15 kilometers from Klarenbeek.

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