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    Have you been sitting with an idea in your head for a while? But haven’t found the appropriate ash urn yet? To your mind, are all urns old-fashioned, dark and pottery? In consultation, I am happy to create the urn that suits you!

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    Lalief – A personal ash urn fitting for your loved one

    Welcome to urn webshop Lalief, the place to be if you are looking for a personal and contemporary ash urn to store a symbolic amount of ash from a loved one. Saying goodbye is part of life, but when the time comes, you prefer to put it off as long as possible. With an ash urn from the webshop you can keep the memories of your loved one(s) alive. This way you can make sure that the person still feels close. An ash urn of a loved one deserves a beautiful place in the home that does justice to the deceased.

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    Pleasant contact

    “The contact felt very pleasant and familiar, even though I never saw you. i am definitely going to recommend people to check out your website if they are looking for a special urn. Thanks again for your time.”



    Personalized urn

    “The urns are Lienke’s own designs, whose originality and simplicity appealed to us immediately. At our request, Lienke created a design entirely to our liking, making it a very personal urn.”

    Wendy and Angelique



    “We are very happy with the beautiful and modern urn that Lalief made for us. We always received a prompt response and were kept well informed of the entire process.”


    An ash urn from the webshop of Lalief

    At Lalief you will find special urns in a variety of designs, sizes and colors. In the urn webshop you can choose an urn with a flower, urn with a butterfly or for example go for a mini urn with a rose. Feel what best suits the memories you want to keep alive and base your choice in the urn webshop on that. Lalief’s urns are suitable for a small amount of ashes for the loss of a loved one, of a baby during or after pregnancy or the loss of an animal. The urns from the urn webshop are characterized by simplicity, contemporary, unique and handmade. Lalief can be recognized by personal and quick contact, good aftercare and quality.


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