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  • What size do I need for human ashes?

    What size do I need for human ashes? After a cremation, often the next step is to pick an ash destination. As long as the ashes are still at the crematorium, it is often difficult to estimate how many ashes remain. This blog tells you how many human ashes remain after cremation. It is also possible to check with the funeral director or crematorium to see exactly how many ashes are left.

    How many ashes remain after adult cremation?

    How much ash remains after adult cremation generally varies between 3 and 3.5 liters. The amount of ashes depends on several factors, such as the density of the bones; whether the deceased is cremated in a shroud or coffin; whether personal items are cremated, such as a stuffed animal or book.

    How many ashes remain after cremation of a baby or child?

    How many ashes remain after the cremation of a baby or child is difficult to say. Therefore, it is not possible to give precise quantities. You can use the table below as a guideline, but for the exact amount I recommend contacting the funeral director or crematorium. This prevents an urn from being too big or too small.

    Amount ofashes from a baby or child?
    up to 24 weeksup to 100 ml
    up to 30 weeks up to 150 ml
    around birthup to 300 ml
    Children500 ml – 3 liters
    *precise amount of ash can vary greatly
    Ashes after cremation

    What to do with the ashes?

    After cremation, the ashes can be scattered, buried, placed in an ash jewelry or kept in an urn. Or just a combination thereof. In Lalief’s urn webshop you will find various urns in various designs, sizes and colors. Are you looking for a specific urn? In consultation, I am happy to create the urn that suits you. Please feel free to contact me.