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  • Death and butterflies

    Butterfly symbol, the butterfly as a sign of comfort and strength.
    The butterfly is a creature that has always fascinated us humans throughout the ages. In all types of philosophies, the butterfly symbolizes matters of life and death. Many people who have lost a loved one therefore find comfort in the sight of a butterfly. And that doesn’t always have to have a religious background. Because just the beautiful colors of a butterfly’s wings, can cause your thoughts to be distracted for a moment. And allow you to dwell on the moment itself.

    The butterfly as a symbol in ancient times.

    No matter how far back in time the stories go, in all past civilizations the butterfly is an animal that is mentioned. This is true of the lore of the Aztecs, the Egyptians, and of Eastern civilizations such as from China and Japan. For each population, the butterfly had a different meaning. Among the ancient Greeks, the butterfly was a symbol of the soul. Among the Egyptians, a butterfly symbolized happiness. And among a North American Indian tribe, a butterfly symbolizes fertility. In most civilizations, throughout the ages, the butterfly is a symbol of immortality, and rebirth. It is also a symbol for the representative of the soul of a deceased person.

    Vlinder symbool

    Why is a butterfly a symbol of death?

    If you look at the life cycle of a butterfly you can talk about a birth, a death and a rebirth. The animal initially comes into the world as a caterpillar, dies in the cocoon, so to speak, only to resume life as a butterfly. You can also see it as a reincarnation, from caterpillar to butterfly. And that is exactly what we are talking about when it comes to regeneration. Hinduism puts it this way that after you die, your soul will live on in another body. And so that means that your soul will actually be immortal. In the Christian faith, the butterfly symbolizes the earthly life you leave behind and the new, spiritual life you begin.

    The butterfly gives hope

    Not everyone will immediately think of immortality when a butterfly flies by. Yet, it can provide a sense of hope and comfort. A butterfly briefly comes near you to show that your loved one who has passed away is still near you. Watching over you and thinking about you. On the other hand, you can also see it as a sign that the deceased, for example after a long illness, now has the freedom to spread their wings, leave the pain and earthly life behind and fly away like a butterfly.

    The butterfly symbol, A sign to the living.

    So besides seeing the butterfly as representing a deceased person, giving you the feeling that the person has found peace. It may also be that the butterfly symbolizes a spiritual message to yourself. Because when you’ve lost a loved one, it can be difficult to get back to your daily life. There are many aspects to your grieving process and it is personal to each person how you handle it or how long it takes.

    The transformation symbolized by a butterfly may not only be confirmation that the soul of the deceased has found peace and moved on. It may also be a sign to you that you are ready for the next step in the grieving process. In this case, the transformation means that you can let go of some of the grief and it can give way to beautiful memories. Only when you are actually ready for that will you understand what the butterfly symbol means to you at that moment.

    Of course, the butterfly doesn’t have to pass you by in the flesh. Also a piece of jewelry, urn, or images of butterflies have the same symbolism. This give you not only comfort and peace, but also the strength to go on. Read more about the death and butterflies here.